We offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes for men and women of all levels and ability from novices with
no previous experience to the most advanced practitioners of the art.

Because BJJ is not a “striking” art, size, power, strength, or athleticism are not pre-requisites for
success in learning and applying BJJ techniques. At Kimura BJJ Boston, our training programs
are designed to teach students the necessary skills that can be used for both self-defense and
for sport.

Our beginner classes are designed to teach the fundamental techniques of BJJ that will serve
as the foundation for all future learning and more advanced development. Students at the
beginner level will also begin to develop their own, personal BJJ style to best suit their individual
preference and body types. Quite often some of our more advanced students will attend our
beginner classes to train with and help our newer students develop their skills. This gives our
beginners multiple resources to tap into as they work to advance.

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